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ROUND AND ORANGE. WHAT'S THAT? 天然沐浴露 - 含橙油和黑加侖提取物
ROUND AND ORANGE. WHAT'S THAT? 天然沐浴露 - 含橙油和黑加侖提取物
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ROUND AND ORANGE. WHAT'S THAT? 天然沐浴露 - 含橙油和黑加侖提取物

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      Shower gel with orange oil and black currant extract

      This shower gel is so gentle that it harms neither you nor the fish in the sea. We added plenty of olive oil so that after washing, your skin will feel clean and nourished. Black currant extract contains vitamins that are beneficial for the skin, while aloe vera extract is known for its moisturising qualities. Orange essential oil will help lifting your mood in the morning.

      Shelf life: 1 year

      HOW TO USE

      This shower gel is very gentle and it does no harm to you or fish in the sea. Shake before use. Follow with the Uoga Uoga body cream for the best after-shower feeling!






      這款沐浴露非常溫和,對您或海洋中的魚類無害。 在使用前搖勻。配合UogaUoga身體乳霜使用,獲得最佳的沐浴後感覺!