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Powerbiotic - Anti Age
Powerbiotic - Anti Age
Powerbiotic - 波蘭天然提煉補充品【促進心血循環】

Powerbiotic - Anti Age

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Powerbiotic Anti Age 專為希望長期保持良好狀況和健康的人而設。 發酵櫻桃已被證明具有抗炎和抗氧化作用,可預防自由基,支援心血管和關節健康,延緩衰老過程。 櫻桃汁含有天然褪黑激素,可幫助睡眠及其質量。





千禧金蘋果微纖維 20%





每天兩(2)粒,最好在飯後用冷或室溫水服用。 避免和抗生素同時服用。不要超過建議服用量。





60膠囊x 300毫克 (一個月份量)




儲存方法:請存放在室溫及乾燥陰涼的地方,並遠離小孩。 如果密封墊已損壞或缺失,請勿使用。

60 capsules x 300 mg (one-month supply)

Product of Poland

Powerbiotic Anti Age is designed for people who want to ensure good physical condition and well-being for many years. Fermented cherry has proven beneficial anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects which could prevent free radicals, support cardiovascular health and joint health, slow down ageing process. Cherry juice contains natural melatonin which support sleeping and its quality.


Lyophilizate Organic Fermented Cherry Juice (Anti Age) 80%

Micronized Gold MilleniumÒ  Apple Fiber 20%

Rich source of flavonoids (cyanidine, anthocyanidine, proanthocyanidins) as well as flavonols (quercetin and camferol), tannic compounds, phenolic acids (ellagic acid) and melatonin and perillyl alcohol.

Recommended daily dose: Two (2) capsules daily after meal. Avoiding simultaneously taking hot liquids and antibiotics. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance.


*All Powerbiotic products can be used by children above the age of 3, but should be applied under the supervision of adults and best dissolved in water or any other cold / room temperature liquid.

**If you have known history of severe allergy and / or anaphylactic shock, please do not use.

***This is an organic dietary supplement, not intend to cure any disease. 


60 capsules x 300 mg (one-month supply)

EU Certified Organic. Cellulose Capsule Shell.

Made in Europe

Additional information: Store in a dry and shady place, out of reach of small children, after opening store at room temperature. Do not use if the seal under the plug is damaged or missing.

Organic Cherry Juice Capsule (Antiage +)

Nutrition declaration 營養成分

Per/ 100g         


Energy / 能量

1400 kJ /

336 kcal

Total fat / 總脂肪

0,21 g/克

Saturated fat / 飽和脂肪

0,20 g/克

Trans Fat / 反式脂肪

0 g/克

Carbohydrates / 碳水化合物

77,5 g/克

Sugar / 

25,2 g/克

Cholesterol / 膽固醇

0 g/克

Protein / 蛋白質


Sodium /