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Micellar Water with hyaluronic acid & cranberry extract 卸妝水含透明質酸和蔓越莓提取物【需訂貨|4周到貨時間】
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Micellar Water with hyaluronic acid & cranberry extract 卸妝水含透明質酸和蔓越莓提取物【需訂貨|4周到貨時間】

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This micellar water is not just a face cleanser. We waited for a long time and it was all worth it. It was created in addition to our intensive care line products. This micellar water has a special moisturizer - hyaluronic acid, and is also enriched with gentle on the skin rose water and two extracts: moisturizing and soothing aloe vera, and full of vitamins cranberries. What does this mean for you? That this micellar water does not only clean your skin, but also cherishes and safeguards it! 

This micellar water perfectly cleans make-up and dirt off your skin. We have undergone special tests and can officially confirm that dermatologists assessed it as NON-IRRITATING, and suitable for sensitive skin. We would like to remind you that like all of our cosmetics, it is natural – it is made only from natural components that are safe for your skin and health. 

We believe it is very important to rely on qualified opinion and recommendations, which say that you can get the best results when you clean your skin with micellar water and wash it off with regular water. Not only you will have unclogged pores, but your skin will also be clean and fresh. 

We recommend to avoid contact with eyes.

*Not to remove waterproof make up

這種卸妝水不僅僅可以卸妝,還有一種特殊的保濕劑 - 透明質酸,還富含柔和的玫瑰水和兩種提取物:保濕和舒緩的蘆薈,以及含豐富維生素的蔓越莓。這對您意味著什麼?這種卸妝水不僅可以清潔皮膚,還可以保護皮膚!