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MAGIC WAND 眼眉睫毛護理精華【需訂貨|4周到貨時間】
MAGIC WAND 眼眉睫毛護理精華【需訂貨|4周到貨時間】
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MAGIC WAND 眼眉睫毛護理精華【需訂貨|4周到貨時間】

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      Natural serum for eyebrows and eyelashes with castor and cranberry oils

      This is it- all you need for your daily eyelash and eyebrow care is in this super oil! It is based on castor oil, which is known for stimulating hair growth. We also enriched it with the nourishing argan and jojoba oil, as well as vitamine E and cranberry extract. This product will help your eyelash and eyebrow hair grow thicker and stronger. By the way, you don't have to study in Hogwarts to use this Magic Wand- just apply the oil along the hair in the evening and leave it during the night. When the magic happens don't forget to share it with us ;)



      想增長睫毛又唔想做加工,可以試試呢枝Magic wand。顧名思義,呢枝神仙棒可以幫你稀疏而短的眉毛、睫毛。蓖麻油,以刺激毛髮生長而聞名;此外,神仙棒還加了蔓越莓萃取、堅果、荷荷巴和維生素E。這產品將幫助您的睫毛和眉毛變得更長更濃密。於晚上睡前塗抹在睫毛和眉毛處。