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Huaora D-tox Powder
Huaora D-tox Powder
Huaora - 西班牙養顏袪毒補充品系列

Huaora D-tox Powder

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Huaora D-tox 有機小麥草,乳薊提取物(水飛薊),蛋黄果和小球藻的強大混合物,這四種超級食品具有強力的清潔和排毒特性,有助於增強體力,並改善整體健康狀況。

· 幫助體內清潔排出毒素
· 改善皮膚健康和彈性
· 淨化體內的重金屬和有害元素
· 幫助抵抗疲勞
· 強化神經元功能
· 高濃度的維生素和礦物質

小麥草 – 富含複合維生素B和維生素C和E,β-胡蘿蔔素,礦物質,歐米茄脂肪酸和氨基,促進一般組織生長,平衡肌膚的酸鹼度,改善水分和彈性。
水飛薊 - 強大的抗氧化劑,防止由於污染或不良飲食導致的自由基引起的氧化。延緩皮膚和組織的衰老,有助於稀釋血液並清潔肝臟中的毒素以及其他細菌和過敏原。有效促進肝臟從過量酒精中恢復。
小球藻 - 強大的排毒劑,最富含葉綠素的食物。螺旋藻,菠菜或蕁麻水平的四倍,最有效的清潔腸道,淋巴系統,肝臟和血液的物質,增強免疫力。小球藻含有有助於細胞再生的生長激素。
蛋黃果 - 富含維生素A和B3的水果,有助於健康的心血管和神經元功能,增加記憶,幫助對抗慢性疲勞,焦慮和抑鬱。

有效期: 生產後2年


可以在早餐前或進餐前將一兩湯匙的Huaora D-tox加到一杯水或果汁中。
Huaora D-tox可以添加到許多食物中,例如沙律醬,牛油醬湯或西班牙凍湯,以及意大利的香蒜醬或番茄醬。

產品: Huaora 有機小麥草,乳薊提取物(水飛薊),蛋黄果和小球藻食品混合粉(排毒配方)不含麩質,不含大豆, 不含添加劑

內容: 250 克 一包裝



D-tox Powder (250g)

Product of Spain

Organic superfood blend with detoxifying properties to strengthen the immune system and take care of skin

Huaora D-tox is a powerful mixture of wheatgrass, milk thistle, lucuma and chlorella, four superfoods with strong cleansing and detox properties which help to boost stamina, improve well-being and look after general health.


  • Powerful antioxidant blend
  • Improves skin hydration and elasticity
  • Contributes to strengthen cardiovascular and neuronal health
  • Optimal supplement for detox and depurative diets

100% Organic vegan superfoods


1.Wheatgrass, B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta carotene, Minerals, Omega fatty acids, Amino acids

-       Boost general tissue growth

-       Balance the skin’s PH levels, improving its hydration and elasticity

2.Milk thistle

-       Powerful antioxidant

-       Acts against the degeneration and oxidation caused by free radicals caused by pollution or poor diet.

-       delays the ageing of both skin and tissue

-       helps to thin blood and cleanse the liver of toxins and other bacteria and allergens

-       effective for boosting the liver’s recovery from excess alcohol.


-       Powerful detoxifier

-       Most chlorophyll-rich food

-       Four times the levels of spirulina, spinach or nettles

-       Most effective substances for cleansing the intestines, the lymphatic system, liver and blood

-       Boosting the immune system

-       Chlorella contains a growth hormone which assists in cell regeneration

  1. Lucuma, a fruit high in vitamins A and B3

-       Contributes to healthy cardiovascular and neuronal functioning

-       Boost memory

-       Helps to combat chronic tiredness, anxiety and depression

How to use:

You can add one or two large spoonfuls of Huaora D-tox to a glass of water or juice before breakfast or before meals and it will help you to cleanse your body and boost your immune system

Huaora D-tox can be added to many foods, such as salad dressing, dips like guacamole or cold soups like gazpacho, as well as to vegetable sauces for pasta, such as pesto or tomato sauces.

Nutritional facts:


Per 100g/克






24.4 g/克

1.4 g/克


16.5 g/克

0.9 g/克


5.2 g/克

0.3 g/克

Total Fat 總脂肪

4.6 g/克

0.2 g/克

 -Saturated Fat 飽和脂肪

0 g/克

0 g/克

 -Trans Fat 反式脂肪

0 g/克

0 g/克


0 g/克

0 g/克


0.196 g/克

0.008 g/克



Chlorella powder with broken cell wall (Chlorellapyrenoidosa vulgaris), milk thistle seed powder (Silybum marianum L.), organicwheatgrass powder (Triticum aestivum L.) and organic lucuma flour (Pouterialucuma).


Store in closed containers, at room temperature, protected from direct light.

In dry and clean conditions, the duration up to 24 months in original sealed packaging.