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HEY BEAUTIFUL! 天然沐浴露 - 含薰衣草精油和覆盆子提取物
HEY BEAUTIFUL! 天然沐浴露 - 含薰衣草精油和覆盆子提取物
Uoga Uoga東歐得獎品牌之選

HEY BEAUTIFUL! 天然沐浴露 - 含薰衣草精油和覆盆子提取物

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      Shower gel with lavender oil and raspberry extract

      This shower gel is very gentle and it harms neither you nor the fish in the sea. We added plenty of olive oil so that after washing with “Hey beautiful!” shower gel your skin will be clean and nourished. Raspberry oil, which is a wonderful antioxidant and vitamin E source, also helps your skin to be healthy and glowing. The product has a relaxing aroma of lavender.