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Face Primer(CLOUDS OVER SEA) 天然保濕面部底霜【需訂貨|4周到貨時間】
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Face Primer(CLOUDS OVER SEA) 天然保濕面部底霜【需訂貨|4周到貨時間】

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      Natural hydrating face primer with hyaluronic acid and white amber

      Loaded with great ingredients, as jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid, this light-weight natural face primer will effectively moisturise your skin and prepare it for the make-up application. We also enriched the primer with the rare white amber powder from the Baltic sea, which has been used by locals for improving skin condition for a long time.



      這款輕巧的天然面部底霜富含荷荷巴油和透明質酸等優質成分,可有效滋潤您的皮膚,並為彩妝做好準備。 我們還用來自波羅的海的稀有白色琥珀色粉末豐富了底霜,該粉末已被當地人長期用於改善皮膚狀況。