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KOKO Cardboards 波蘭DIY環保紙板玩具


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KOKO CARDBOARDS is eco-friendly design: DIY kits, toys. Kids can use their hands to create unlimited possibilities, while parents can accompany your children to create beautiful memories too!

We present the latest KOKO CARDBOARDS collection: “DIY COSTUMES“.

The collection was created for the quality, common family time, full of smile and joy.

The end result of this wonderful, creative journey is DIY costume pieces that will bring a lot of fun to your home.

The set is designed so that EVERY PARENT can make them with their child. You don’t have to be a great artist! Do not be afraid that you are not creative or manually incapable! Step by step, we will guide you through all the stages and you will surely be able to successfully reach the end of the task!

Our collection is “back to the roots”, to childhood, which was definitely more “unplugged”, but full of free time, endless adventures and things to do.

We believe that our products will show your children how incredible potential lies in a piece of cardboard, it is like a ticket to a world where everything is possible if you only devote your time, work, and put your heart to it.

You have to admit that this is a beautiful idea, the seed of which is worth sowing in the mind of a young man …


The “Astronaut” set includes: a helmet and a backpack. The kit includes all the necessary elements, except the necessary tools: scissors, glue and a brush.

The kit comes with an instruction, we recommend that you also use the video guide in the “assembly instructions” tab.

Working time: 2 hours (you do not have to complete the entire set in one session. Depending on the age, interest and commitment of the child, divide the work into installments).

Difficulty level: more difficult.

Size: Adjustable rubber from the helmet (under the chin) and from the backpack.

The costume is suitable for further decoration: painting, sticking, etc.

The “astronaut” set is especially recommended for older children of children over 7 years old.

The product is made of certified, recyclable cardboard, made in Poland.

Every parental decision we make has a huge impact on our environment and on all of us in our daily lives.

Let’s respect our planet. We choose products that do not harm the environment.

And with our products… let’s have a great time!


40 x 32.5 x 3.5 cm / 0.5 kg