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CONDITIONING SPRAY 有機秀髮保濕噴霧【需訂貨|4周到貨時間】
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CONDITIONING SPRAY 有機秀髮保濕噴霧【需訂貨|4周到貨時間】

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      Conditioning spray for hair with hialuronic acid, wheat proteins and cranberry extract.

      If you do not like to use hair balm or find your hair difficult to comb after washing, this conditioning spray is just for you. You can use it on wet hair straight after washing or carry it in your purse and use during the day, before combing your hair.

      Hydrolyzed wheat proteins in this spray penetrate inside of your hair and strengthen them from inside. This way they help to restore hair structure, make them stronger and easier to take care of. Hyaluronic acid is an effective moisturizer, while natural, unrefined argan, jojoba and moring oils nourish the hair and make them shine.



      如果您不喜歡使用護髮素或洗髮後秀髮難以梳理頭髮,這款護髮噴霧就適合您了。 洗完頭髮後可以直接噴在濕髮上,也可以將它放在包包裡,隨時有需要時使用。

      這種噴霧中的水解小麥蛋白能滲透到髮芯,並從內部強化它們。 這樣可恢復頭髮結構,使它們更強壯,更容易梳理。 透明質酸強效保濕,而天然未被精製的摩洛哥堅果,荷荷巴、辣木油和蘆薈,可以滋養秀髮並使其更有光澤。


      使用前搖勻。 用毛巾擦乾頭髮後,在濕髮上噴上保濕噴霧。 為獲得最佳效果,請與其他Uoga Uoga護髮產品一起使用。