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Concealer - SPECIAL AGENT 001 天然遮瑕膏
Concealer - SPECIAL AGENT 001 天然遮瑕膏
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Concealer - SPECIAL AGENT 001 天然遮瑕膏

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      Huston, no problem anymore!
      Natural concealer

      This pencil concealer is an improved version of our first concealers. The new one is softer, easier to apply and provides more of a matt finish, so it covers blemishes better. It is easy to apply on problematic areas. The pencil comes in three shades – very light “Agent 001”, light “Agent 002”, a little darker – “Agent 003”.

      Concealers are 100% natural, certified by COSMOS Natural.

      For the best effect, finish your make up with our mineral powder with amber.



      這款唇膏型遮瑕膏是我們第一款遮瑕膏的改良版。 新的更柔軟,更容易塗抹,並提供更多的啞光效果,能更好地覆蓋瑕疵。
      遮瑕膏是100%天然,由COSMOS Natural認證。