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BUCKET OF CLOUDS 嬰幼兒天然泡泡浴含橄欖和橙油【需訂貨|4周到貨時間】
BUCKET OF CLOUDS 嬰幼兒天然泡泡浴含橄欖和橙油【需訂貨|4周到貨時間】
BUCKET OF CLOUDS 嬰幼兒天然泡泡浴含橄欖和橙油【需訂貨|4周到貨時間】
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BUCKET OF CLOUDS 嬰幼兒天然泡泡浴含橄欖和橙油【需訂貨|4周到貨時間】

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      Who said natural cleansers do not make foam? Let them ask again! Our foam will fill your bath with happy bubbles, especially if you use it under tap or shower stream. Hold on! It is also enriched with natural olive oil so it does not dry the skin. We scented our foam with natural essential oil and gave it a green colour (still natural!). Forget all the bubbles that contain SLS and scoop the clouds with buckets!