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Uoga Uoga was founded in 2010. The name of the company Uoga Uoga is the quintessence of “Berry Berry” in Lithuanian. What makes Uoga Uoga so special and popular is about natural, true, handmade in small batches and always fresh. Uoga Uoga only use highest quality ingredients like natural unrefined oils, clays, flower waters, Lithuanian honey and herbs, organic essential oils. The make-up line of Uoga Uoga is created using natural minerals and it is further enriched with pure Baltic Amber. We do not use anything that we would not put on the skin of our children.

Uoga Uoga manufacture everything by themselves, however, they will perform tests and safety assessments in Lithuania and UK laboratories before bringing the products to the market. In addition, Uoga Uoga team will test-try the products for an extensive period of time before they are being sold in the market.

In 2015 part of Uoga Uoga’s products received “Soil Association” COSMOS Natural certificate which is a big milestone the company has achieved. Products are continuously adding to the list every year. The certificate confirms that Uoga Uoga products are natural and their manufacturing processes are eco-friendly.

Uoga Uoga是立陶宛手工製作有機護膚品牌,以有機水果和植物萃取為主要成分。其產品線包括護膚、化妝品和個人護理用品。

Hero Products

Natural Lipstick - Passionate Strawberry 天然唇膏含草莓提取物

Our lip colour is 100% natural (do not worry if you eat it!) It resembles a nourishing lip balm – it softens the lips, nourishes and protects them against environmental impact. For these great qualities we have to thank beeswax and special oils – raspberry, macadamia, argan and others.Additionally, in every one of them you can find extracts of different berries, which are full of vitamins and fruit acids. Our lip colour is long lasting and is certified by COSMOS Natural.

我們的唇膏100%純天然的(吃了它也不用擔心!)質地類似潤唇膏 -可以軟化嘴唇,滋養並保護它們免受環境傷害。要擁有這極佳的品質,我們要感謝蜂蠟和特殊的精油 – 紅桑子,堅果,摩洛哥堅果等。 此外,在每一款中您都可以找到不同漿果的提取物,這些漿果富含維生素和果酸。我們的唇膏持久耐用,並通過COSMOSNatural認證。

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Tinted BB Cream - Glow 天然琥珀保濕有色底霜, 象牙色 

We have wonderful news for you! Having spent long hours in the laboratory combining the qualities of the best oils with natural minerals, we can finally present you our new natural tinted moisturising cream in a neutral shade which is perfect for a very light skin.
It is light in texture and in coverage, smoothing the tone of the skin, hiding small imperfections and making the skin look fresh and healthy. You can use this cream instead of your day cream and it will help your face acquire the natural mat shade.
As always, we do not use any synthetic fragrance or colours in our tinted moisturizing cream- all the colour tones are created from natural minerals, such as mica and metal oxides. Extraordinary argan and jojoba oils nourish and soften the skin, while aloe vera extract moisturises and calms it.
From now on your day will for sure start differently!

與往常一樣,我們的有色保濕霜不使用任何合成香料或顏色- 所有色調均來自天然礦物質,如雲母和金屬氧化物。矜貴的白琥珀使肌膚再生、非凡的摩洛哥堅果和荷荷巴油滋養和軟化肌膚,而蘆薈提取物滋潤和鎮靜肌膚。

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