Standbyland 身土不二


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Your behavior shapes your body.
Earth is where you hold on to cultivate yourself. STAND BY THE LAND means you are inseparable from mother nature.
Living in this crazy city, soul detaches from body. Today, we redefine the relationship of body and earth. Treat your body with the most suitable ingredients from nature, offer you what you really need. Cooperation with women association in Turkey & Morocco, we adhere to the principles of transparency and accountability in operation, promote fair trade products.

Let your body and skin re-connect with nature. Hand made with natural ingredients


皮膚病如濕疹、體疹等在香港極為普遍,工作壓力、生活習慣、天氣環境等都是引發皮膚病的致敏原。市面上出售的沐浴乳絕大部分都加入了化學物,消委會的報告亦指岀很多坊間的沐浴乳當中含有刺激性的化學成份,濕疹 或敏感皮膚使用後或會感到不適,尤其當病發時更為痛苦。要舒緩這些問題,不妨試試身土不二的天然手工皂!

當中問題肌膚系列,產品有效減少濕疹及癬等帶來的痕癢,並且有消炎殺菌、加速傷口癒合功效。 另有王牌產品驢奶皂,有深層滋潤、收細毛孔、撫平皺紋抗衰老等功效,最適合轉季或乾燥天氣使用。



Hero Products:


Donkey Milk Soap 皇牌驢奶古法皂

The moisture-rich donkey milk contains abundant phospholipids, amino acids and vitamins, it provides multiple functions such as anti-oxidation, hydration, skin repair and it calms irritated skin.

驢奶蘊含充足水分、豐富的磷脂、脂肪酸、多種維他命等,具 有抗氧化、保濕、修復受損皮膚、舒緩問題肌膚等多種功效。

Mild skin rash set - 10% Aleppo soap  輕度問題套裝 - 10%阿勒坡古皂

Aleppo soap is the oldest soap in the world. It is solely made from olive oil and bay seed oil. It is made by Aleppo craftsmen in Syria in their traditional ways.The Aleppo soap is mild in nature and suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin, pregnant women, and newborns. For daily household purposes, it can also be used to wash underwear and baby products.

阿勒頗古皂是世界上最古老的肥皂,成份只含橄欖油和月桂籽 油,由敍利亞阿勒頗老師傅以傳統方法制作,性質溫和,適用 於所有皮膚類型,敏感皮膚、孕婦、初生嬰兒亦適合更用,日 常也可用於清洗內衣及嬰兒用品等貼身物品。