PopRank Top 21 Natural Beauty Brand in Hong Kong

Founded in 2015 by Hong Kong native Giselle Lee, GLOHS is a skincare and health brand with a story to tell. A former finance executive with a busy lifestyle, Giselle was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. Her journey of discovery of natural remedies began when she started studying them for her own health, taking classes and doing extensive research, and the results were astounding and transformative. She wants to share the results with more people, and the end result is GLOHS.

GLOHS is an organic and natural skincare and health brand, handcrafted using the highest quality, globally sourced ingredients. The products are potent and highly effective. 

In 2019, GLOHS Community was formed, with a mission of empowering more people with better knowledge to lead healthier lives. Regular blogs, talks and other events are regularly held, and like-minded professionals with similar missions also contribute on a regular basis.

GLOHS是由一個土生土長的香港人Giselle 在2015年創辦。從前在金融業工作,和大多數都市人一樣,每天過著忙碌的生活,但在 2015 年,確診患上癌症。在治療期間,開始做了各種資料蒐集及研究,發覺天然材料的用處很多,效果顯著,所以成立 GLOHS,希望可以跟更多人分享。

GLOHS 產品全人手調配,選料嚴格,從世界搜尋天然和有機栽種之原材料。產品是高濃度和高質素。

在2019 年,GLOHS社區成立,透過博客,講座等讓更多人得到健康資訊。除了Giselle 以外,還有其他在健康保健界具經驗的人也經常分享。


Hero Products:


Muscle relief 肌肉舒緩軟膏

This gel is designed to relieve symptoms of muscular tightness and pain derived from exercise, long hours at the desk, or other causes. Key Ingredients: methyl sufonyl methane (MSM), glucosamine chloride, chondroitin.

此產品是針對身體因運動,長期坐立或其他原因導致肌肉繃緊和痛楚的症狀 主要成份:甲基磺醯甲烷 (methyl sulfonyl methane / MSM)、氨基葡萄糖氯化物,軟骨素。

Facial serum brighten and protect        面部精華素 保護+亮麗