Clean nature - that's where it all starts. Biokia wild berries growing on the northern latitudes gather in the growing season a rudimentary initial force. The Northern Finnish forest is an ideal place to grow, clean and bright. A cozy berry for us is a climate-friendly super food that offers plenty of nutrients!

In berries vitamins, flavonoids, trace elements and dietary fiber are in natural form. Berries are a familiar and delicious way to eat in a versatile and healthy way.


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Super Berries Powder - Bilberry 芬蘭百歐奇超級漿果粉 - 北歐藍莓 

Made from whole berries. Ingredients: 100% Finnish organic wild bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus). One tablespoon corresponds almost 1.5 dl of fresh bilberries. High fibre. With no added sugar. Rich in Natural Vitamin E & Potassium. Enjoy the berry powder everyday as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Recommended to use 2 tablespoon per day. One packing contains about 10 daily doses.
由新鮮有機北歐藍梅漿果製成。 成分:100%芬蘭有機野生藍莓(Vaccinium myrtillus)。 一湯匙相當於1.5 dl 新鮮藍莓。 高纖維素。 沒有添加糖。 富含天然維生素E和鉀。 每天享用漿果粉作為多樣化均衡飲食和健康生活方式的一部分適合一家大小享用。建議每天可使用2湯匙。一個包裝含有約10個每日劑量。

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Organic Dried Berries Mix (3 bags) 芬蘭百歐奇雜莓乾 (3包裝)

Delicious dried berries all together! Bilberries, lingonberries, cranberries and blackcurrants are mixed in Biokia Organic Berry Mix. Contains high levels of vitamins, flavonoids, minerals and antioxidants. All these dried berries are high in fibre and free from additives.
Organic cane sugar, organic Finnish lingonberry, organic cranberry, organic Finnish blackcurrant, organic Finnish bilberry, organic sunflower oil.
美味的漿果都混在一起! 有機藍莓,越橘,蔓越莓和黑加侖子混合在Biokia 有機雜莓中。 含高維生素,類黃酮,礦物質和抗氧化物質。 所有這些漿果乾都含有豐富的纖維,不含添加劑。

有機蔗糖,有機芬蘭藍莓,有機蔓越莓,有機芬蘭黑醋栗,有機芬蘭越橘,有機葵花籽油。 每天享用Biokia漿果乾,作為多樣化均衡飲食和健康生活方式的一部分。

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